fine art and documentary photography

Hand-Made Books

In 2008 my father died. A year later I realized, because of the loss, my broken heart had been wandering between two countries two spaces with no sense of reality. This emotion led me to start looking into my archive, revisiting hidden memories and lifting stones from the past to try to recognize the smell of home. In this journey I bring back a collection of personal and historical images that document the wild Williamsburg from the early 90’s. It’s a story of discovery, love, loss and friendship.

Williamsburg: A Place I Once Called Home

Not the usual

I find a way to share what is in me by making, folding, touching and bending.


NIGHT -A series of 10 unique handmade books

by Mara Catalán and Lito Portela.  

Lito and I have known each other since childhood when as the youngest of 7 siblings, we would vacation with my family in Moaña, a small town in Galicia were Lito ilives. Over the years we have remained in contact, maintaining a friendship that has spanned place and time. During one recent visit with Lito, I began to describe the archive of photographs that she had of Williamsburg, the Brooklyn neighborhood where I have lived since the mid 90s. Lito began to question her photographs and her memories captured inside of them.  Together we began a dialog in which I  would send Lito copies of my photographs, which would provide a backdrop for his paintings.  His particular vision of a place he has never been becomes a pictorial novel of the night and what can be conjured up by it.  

Each book is a unique and singular object.